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Serving Your Leaders
July 8, 2004, 9:33 pm
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I learned something today. Actually, two things. Dan Dudeck said this to me once concerning how to be successful, “pay close attention.” This statement rings very true in my life today as I recognize something about leadership. Leaders are learners. By this I mean that you can tell when people are leaders by this fact, they pay attention. Watch for it in people. Someone walks in and they just start reading the situation. They are looking around, listening and taking everything in at once.

This is a leader. He is constantly looking for information. He is always looking around formulating new plans, ideas and vision.

Also, I learned something about how to serve my leaders. “Pay close attention.” The best way to serve a leader is to learn a leader. Learn what they ‘need.’ Truly what they need, then provide it. Sometimes it isn’t very much at all, just your presence will do it. Other times they need quite a lot. Watch your leaders. Listen to your leaders. You will learn them very quickly and then you can move into serving them effectively.

I pay attention to this stuff. My calling/gifting is completely geared toward knowing leadership and serving them while building the kingdom of heaven. To me, it is an absolute blast. Maybe no one else gets it quite like I do, but I am sure that Radar from the MASH 4077th gets it. And to that I tip my little hat.

Later, The Hosh


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