Josh Brage

Passion; part 1
February 10, 2005, 7:43 pm
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There is something that this word inspires in all of us. It is a buzzword. It is in my, evangelical Charismatic, circle as well as in other more secular type people groups. Why? Why does this word excite us?

Becuase whatever this word represents to us as different people it is the same. It speaks of something that is so core to our very identity that it almost drives us crazy when thinking about it. Something inside of us is desperate to be discovered.

So why can’t we discover it? Why for the majority of us is this something that stays hidden? I believe that this is becuase this ‘thing’ this passion-element is something that is so core to us that we can’t see it. There are two ways to look at it and think about it. First that this ‘thing’ is so ingrained into who we are that it is virtually impossible to distinguish from our identity. The other way to think about it is that is is NOT an object to be observed. It is not something that is sitting outside of us and therefore we can perceive it quite clearly. Rather, we are on the inside of this object. So it is hard to see. We are the fish, and we are having trouble seeing the fishbowl. It is just there. It always has been and always will be.

Well, I will continue to talk about this word and the implications that it has on my life. This is what God is really dealing with me about right now.


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