Josh Brage

July 6, 2005, 11:09 pm
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What a funny word. I seem to be inspired by single words. Everyone seems to be asking for definition to this one, and yet no one seems to be able to find anything that will work. Here is the surprising thing to me however is that this search is not limited to certain young people who are found wasting thier lives away in a worldly MTV culture, while we, those who are living in the post-modern rapidly emerging Spirit-filled Christian Kingdom, stay competely immune to this question/problem. I have chosen to live my life for the past three years predominately in this subculture of the megachurch. What I have found has shocked me. I have not found young people who are confident, self-sufficient, purpose-driven and problem free. Instead I have found a bunch of young people who so desperately want to be that person who I just described that they convince themselves that they are. They aren’t liars, they are just confused and so desperate to not be confused, or at least not appear confused that they live ensnared inside a false identity.
So what is the answer? I am not sure. But I am going to continue to pursue it. I do think that it isn’t so much about an answer as it is about the pursuit. I think that there are some keys. Be brutally honest with yourself and with God. Keep praying. Chase your dreams, not the competion. Listen to music. Get plenty of rest. And never forget: “Never fry bacon naked.”


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