Josh Brage

Your Edge
August 17, 2005, 7:04 am
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You must never lose your ‘edge’! You know the edge I am talking about. That unique something that you possess that no one else has. That insatiable energy to be yourself. The passion to pursue the things that you like. Never lose that. It is so easy to lose it. You can lose it by focusing too much on other things. Things other than Jesus. Other things may be anything. They are usually good things, but they are designed to be used by the devil to keep us away from the best things. Things good things may include but are not limited to: our girlfriend/boyfriend, church, church programs, favorite band, things we like but end up getting too wrapped up in. The Bible will go so far as to label these things idols. You must keep your life in balance! Balance is vital to you living a full, successful Christian life. Here is the key though: the only way to have balance is to extremely follow Jesus. Remember this: God is a jealous God! He wants our attention, love, life-energy to be focused on Him and Him alone. When we do this we discover our own life. “He who seeks to find his life will lose it, but he who seeks to lose his life for My sake will find it.” – Jesus. So please, rid your life of those idols! Focus on Jesus and regain your edge as a person!


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