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TEA for Two
August 30, 2005, 5:16 pm
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Fascinating idea. I think someday I will write a book about this. For now a post.

Do you want to know how to improve your relationships with God, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your brother, your best friend, your friend, your classmates? Do you want to have successful relationships with people so that you can help them, get help from them and otherwise live a real, authentic life in this world?

Of course you do! I have found something that I find to be extremely useful in all of these endeavors! All you need to do is to remember this: TEA for Two!

How do we build relationships, express our love for people, disciple anybody and ultimately love people into the Kingdom?
We give them our TIME, ENERGY and ATTENTION.
If you can remember these three things you can start to build and/or improve all of the relationships around you. No, I apologize it has nothing to do with remembering anything, it has everything to do with DOING something about what you remember!
This is all I will post for now, I started to go through the three, but then I realized that each of these three will require a little more discussion than I am prepared to give right now. I will develop all three of these in the near future, meaning by the end of the week.


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