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November 30, 2005, 2:48 am
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I thought we were supposed to focus on Jesus with our lives? You know what it means to live for God? It means LIVE FOR HIM! Do things for Him. Pray to/with Him. Worship, Praise Him. Live your life as a continually demonstration to Him that you want Him. That is what it means to live for God.

So why do we get so caught up with our lives? Our drama? Because we are selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed. That’s why. My life, who cares? Who cares if I get this or that, or this part of my life works out correctly? It doesn’t matter. Paul, “I have learned to be content with whatever state I am in.” Be content, not that you lives are like you want or that you are making this much money, or you have that perfect person, or whatever your dreams are. Please, have dreams. Dreams are the vehicle to our destiny, but still. Our dream is Jesus and His glorification. I am so sick of living for myself, while disguising it as a pursuit of His will for my life. Who cares! Live for God.

Like the song I just quoted previously, “What the soul wants, the soul wants.” Don’t ignore those things, they will probably do more for you in terms of finding what makes you and God passionate than anything else, but come on. Who are you living for? Yourself, because you want this perfect life that you think glorifies God or are you just living for Him and not really caring about all the rest of these temporal things, like money, fame, girls/guys, ministry! All of that stuff is dust in the wind! Live for God.

Tonight, God, I recommit my life to You. I will live for You and You alone. I want what I want. But God my wants and desires are deceptive and sneaky. They constantly what to drag me more towards the world than I realize. They clothe themselves as good things. A good living, a good girlfriend, a good American dream of a life. But God those are worldy pursuits that reek of worldliness. Protect me from them. Life the veil from my eyes, let me see them as they are – fallen desires that will lead to temporary happiness while somehow always keeping true happiness at arms length from my heart!

I recommit to chasing You and finding You. You are why I will wake up in the morning. You are why I will go to work tomorrow. You are my Reason! Help me God, loose my heart into a world where I am caught up in You. My heart is fallen and troublesome, sometimes it wants You, sometimes it tricks me and sometimes it is just plain sinful. Change my heart. Set it on fire for You once again. This is what I want – You. Take me there. I can’t get there by myself, God I have tried. You have to take me there! AMEN!


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