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‘A Million Little Pieces Author Gets Ripped into A Million Little Pieces’
January 27, 2006, 6:02 am
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This is what I have to say about this minor little controvery that surrounds James Frey, who went on Oprah today to apologize for his now-revealed hoax of a book. This was a myspace conversation between a good friend of mine who is a big Oprah fan and myself. My response:

He should have been ripped a new one. He is a liar and a conniving jackass. He took advantage of pathetic women who have nothing better to do than sit at home in the afternoon watching Oprah. He manipulated people’s minds and emotions so that he could find success and money. He was completely wrong in everything that he did. That book is garbage and trash. The first thing that Oprah has ever done to impress me was to get him back on her show and rip him a new one. Oprah actually showed some integrity in this situation. I, personally, think he should be shot, just because we don’t shoot enough people as a country. That is what I have to say.

Good Night.


What the Heck Does God Want From Me?
January 23, 2006, 1:03 am
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Have you ever asked yourself that? Have you ever asked God that? Chances are if you have followed God for any amount of time you have asked this question more than once and probably with tears in your eyes and a quiver in your voice.

You know what God wants from all of us. Everything. That is what He wants. He wants everything that is in our life to come under His reign. He wants every dream. He wants every good idea. He wants every emotion. He wants every ambition. That is what He wants nothing short of that will satisfy Him.

You may ask why? To be honest, I am not sure right now. We understand what we have been taught and what we read. We understand that He wants to take those things that we most value and then give them back to us. Does that make us feel better at the moment? The only people who answer ‘yes’ are those who have actually given anything to God. They are the ones who are just ignorant and immature. Following God costs you. I don’t care who you are. It will cost you that which is most important to you.

The real question becomes, do you really trust God? Because it is going to hurt and hurt bad when you give up stuff. You HAVE to trust God. You have to trust that He will never hurt you, let you down or leave you hanging. That is real faith. I love the name and claim it bullcrap. Real faith is walking away from those things that you truly value and not just because those things are ‘bad’ those things are good and great things and still up you walk to the altar and you place them before God, cry for an hour and then ask Him what He wants next.

He will demand that you give everything up. He will demand that you give up both choices. He will not only ask for you to give up one thing in exchange for another thing. (Choose this so that you don’t lose this. . . ) He will ask for both of those choices and leave you sitting on nothing but trust in Him.

Why does He do that? Again, we can trust what we have been taught. But sometimes it isn’t really any solace. Sometime you just have to stare up at God and ask ‘Why?” And you know what He will say in that moment? Probably very very little. But don’t fret He will speak and when He does – you will be ready to hear it and it will change your world.

Following God is not easy. This part of it sucks, absolutely sucks. But we always must remember that whoever seeks to find his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. The Great Paradox of the Bible.

God I will follow You. Especially when it is not easy. I will persevere. I will remain tenacious in my approach to You. I will trust You when you take everything from me. I will trust You and serve You and love You. No matter what. Period. AMEN.

The Woodshed
January 20, 2006, 3:58 am
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Currently Reading: Letters to a Young, Jazz Musician by Wynton Marsalis

This book is really cool. He is talking about ‘the woodshed.’ Now most people talk about the woodshed as the place where you go to get your butt whooped after doing something stupid. (“Now, I’m gonna take you out behind the woodshed.”) This is very very true. Been there and done that. He also talks about the woodshed being a term used in jazz implying ‘getting your stuff together.’ Think about it like ‘going back to the drawing board.’

Now here is my interesting observation. These places are one and the same. The place where you get your butt whooped is the same place where you will spend time learning, growing, maturing and eventually reappearing from more ready than when you began. It makes me laugh, because God has taken me out behind the woodshed a few times. (Sometimes thanks to specific people – you know who you are.) But the thing that is always true is that even though you end up with your butt feeling a little sore, you emerge with some wisdom and understanding and at the very least a better perspective on your life. That is maturity.

Now please realize that I hate the woodshed. I despise the woodshed. I am there right now. I am stuck in a very very difficult place where all I can do is hope and pray and work hard with my head down. But you know what? When it is all said and done – I will emerge. I will overcome. I will have whatever breakthrough you want to call it. I don’t know how it will work out, who does? But that is cool, I don’t need to know right now.

God I trust You. I trust and love you even when you take me behind the woodshed and then leave me there. God, correct me. God help me become more mature. Help me grow up in the areas that You want me to. God I want to be Christ-like, but sometimes it seems very very far away. God I commit to You that I will persevere even when stuck in this freaking woodshed. This woodshed is lonely, confusing, frustrating and at times despairaging, but God You are here – so I will continue to follow and trust You and You alone. I do not trust my mind or my heart right now – I trust You. Speak to me, guide me. Do with me what You see fit. Thank you God for allowing me to follow You. I love you with everything I have. AMEN.

Some People Get It
January 4, 2006, 9:25 pm
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To all of you AuXanos out there – sorry to bring up ‘getting it’ I promise I won’t talk about ‘bringing it.’

There are a lot of things in life that can only be caught not taught. You can talk for days and days about faith in hard times, but until you are there and going through it – you don’t know. You can talk and talk to me about having children and what an impact they will have on my life, but until I am sitting in that hospital room – I won’t get it. You can preach and preach about discipleship and discipline, but until you have been in a situation where you are seriously pursuing Jesus and His instructions for your life, no matter the cost – you don’t have a clue.

What spawned this thinking was watching U2 (Lol, I know, but hey whatever inspires you – use it.) If you don’t get Bono, that is ok, but (to quote PBZ) it isn’t his fault and there is nothing I can do or say to you to help you ‘get it.’ The best thing I can do for you is sit down with you and watch U2 faithfully with you in hopes that your heart will begin to grasp it. (Which by the way is probably one of my favorite pastimes ever.)

So what is the point to all of this. The point is three-fold. First, don’t worry if you aren’t ‘getting it.’ God has you right where He wants you. He reveals things to people at the right times. Trust His timing, don’t get anxious. Second, do I get it? No. There is so much that I just plain don’t get. It goes right over my head. For instance, I do not grasp the question ‘why’ very well. I ask it a lot, but I don’t get answers very often. Lastly, God help us ‘get it.’ Help us understand You and Your workings. We do not follow you because of our mental understanding of You, we follow You with eyes of faith and a trusting heart. Help our hearts and minds get that. Lord, I want to chase you blindly. Not because I don’t think, but because I understand that You are God and love me enough to always work out my life for the best. Thank You, God.