Josh Brage

Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance
February 17, 2006, 8:52 pm
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Why do we dance? Why don’t we dance?
There were days when I danced all the time. All kinds of dancing. Fast, stupid, celebratory. Other kinds, slow, chilled, relaxed. But dancing. I don’t dance very much right now. I am going to change that.

I love dancing like a mad man before my God, just because I can. There is a freedom, a wildness that gets let out. Dancing just because when you are in a room full of friends. Dancing with a smile, and a joke. You dance because you feel happy and safe with your friends.

Then there is the kind of dancing when your day has just been too much and it is time to just forget about it and remember to enjoy your life with someone that you love. That is good dancing.

All of these kinds of dancing have an element of ‘I don’t care’ to them. Dance with passion for your God, because you am passionate about Jesus and you don’t care who knows it. Dance with silliness in a room of friends, becuase you can knowing that all of them care about you and like you especially when you are a freaking goof ball. Dance with that person, because you are in love with them and the only thing that matters is being with them. Huh. There is a lot to dancing. Well, there you go. I leave you with two great dance quotes. Have a good day!

“Some dance to remember/Some dance to forget.”
“You make me feel like dancing/Throwing back my head and laughing”

PS. Tonight I am going to dance like I am stupid for God. Because I am.


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