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Friends Are Friends Forever . . .
February 24, 2006, 1:32 am
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I was talking to a friend of mine and you know what we realized? We noticed an alarming tendency of Christianity – Christians don’t have really good friends! What is the deal with this? I have noticed that Christians have a hard time just hanging out. We do things together, but when was the last time that you just had a great group of people that you KNEW had your back no matter what? From my observation, Christians have a hard time finding and keeping good friends. I think that there are a lot of reasons for this. I think we are too serious as Christians. I think we judge and compare all the time. And I don’t think that we are very real and if you are never real you will never have relationships. To me this is a problem and one that I am going to do everything that I can to fix.

“They will know we are Christians by our love.” We need to be setting the standard for friendships and relationships. People need to be looking to Christians for successful friendships, not Seinfeld and Friends. Why do I say this? We HAVE something. We have something huge. We have purpose and passion. But now we just need to learn to be ourselves and chill out with people.

How do you change the world? One life at a time.
How do you change a life? One heart at a time.
How do you change a heart? Start with your’s.


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Comment by hosh

Haha, don’t you just love people that are so full of themselves that they search their own name on websites to see how often it comes up and how many people are linking to it? Priceless.

There is only one “Hosh” and that is “The Hosh” a.k.a.

Comment by Mark

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