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You Say You Want a ReVolution!
March 29, 2006, 3:54 am
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Well, my letter has changed. It used the be the ‘X’ now we are on to the V. Come on somebody.

This weekend I went to see V for Vendetta. This movie was immensely moving on a lot of different levels for me, some positive – some negative. Ultimately it kept me up until 4 in the morning writing and thinking about how to change the world. Let’s talk about this movie.

The first thing that I want to point out about this movie is that it is almost complete anti-American and anti-Bush propaganda – I don’t even feel like they tried to hide that fact. From the way that the evil chancellor talks and looks, to the orange vests that Evey wears during her torturous episodes – this movie slams my country. At times the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up and a good solid roll of the eyes accompanied by a good ‘HuRumph’ were present.

My good friend Stetson brings a very solid perspective on this propaganda on his xanga. Stetson on Xanga

So why go see it and how can you enjoy it? Well, here is my way of looking at movies. I go into them expecting the propaganda to be blatant and agressive. What else is Hollywood there for? I gave up a long time ago the hope that Hollywood would pay attention to the real world, let alone look at it from an unbiased point of view. So with that expectation level, I go in and basically ignore all of that and do what I can to see the deeper levels of meaning. (Even a squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Or something like that.)

V fired me up! Point blank. I left completely ready to lead a revolution! To be honest, I identified with Evey more than anyone else. Close to the troubled revolutionary, but sometimes unsure of what or how to actually think. V was troubled, yes. Vigilante, completely. He was also cool, funny, eloquent and terribly bad to the bone with a knife. V was a lot of things, but he definitely was a revolutionary.

There is a revolution stirring. This revolution has nothing to do with politics, government, school systems or any other cultural element. This revolution is spiritual through and through. His Kingdom is coming! I can FEEL it!

How do I know? Jesus said that they Kingdom does not come with observation. You can’t say look here or there. Because the Kingdom of God is inside of you and me. (Luke 16) And as I look around, talk to people and listen to them – I hear the same story over and over again. A messed up life, a messed up heart. People have hurt them, the church has hurt them. They are lonely, confused, disillusioned and at times in despair. But I also hear at the end of those conversations, “but God is working in my heart.” I hear at the end of those conversations true honest questions that are being asked of God and He is answering! It isn’t loud or very exuberant. But over and over again I am seeing people’s lives being impacted by the love of God. Not in a service or by a ministry, but by the Holy Spirit in that still, quiet way, placing the pieces of thier hearts and lives back into place.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the revolution. The revolution is a young man who fell straight, flat on his face. His heart got ripped apart by a lack of character and the devil himself. He hurt those closest to him. He lost those things which were most dear to him. But he is still in the fight. He has allowed God to pick him back up. God is working in his heart, putting it back together, not the same as it was, NO, but more mature, seasoned, thought-out, sensitive, caring, WHOLE. That God is healing those people that he hurt.

God is restoring that young man to Himself, piece by piece. This is the revolution. It isn’t fancy. It isn’t loud. It doesn’t have fancy lights, funny announcement videos or the greatest bands playing the greatest music. But it is a revolution that is completely changing one young man’s life, heart and destiny forever. You want a revolution? I am the revolution.


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well i would like to make a comment on the picture of your room you so proudly displayed for all(if you weren’t proud, you wouldn’t have posted it). if i’m not mistaken i thought you were 21 and not 8 years old. by the looks of that picture, you oh so desperatly need a room makeover. the multi-colored furniture is not doing you a lick of good in your hopes of picking up a chick. let me help you. when me and sheresa come(someday), PLEASE allow a little paint to come in contact with your walls and furniture. it’s what i live for. i love you very much josh, despite all i’ve just brought to your attention. and you are the hosh, no?

Comment by sum sum

are those stickers stuck on the drawers?

Comment by summer

You’d better let everyone know that’s not ACTUALLY your room. Just a pic you used.
Your room is way cooler…..

Comment by mom

HAHAHAHA!!! i love that hoshis mom was concerned!

Comment by DAD

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