Josh Brage

Behold the Q’Doba Let Down
April 21, 2006, 7:53 pm
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Well, the place of Q’Doba in burrito hell has been cemented. To honor a friend of mine I did everything that I could to keep my mind open to this entire mockingbird concept of Q’Doba, after all ‘THEY HAVE QUESO!’ However, today was the final piece of rice in my burrito called ‘dissatisfaction’.

I left work today at lunchtime anxious for a burrito. It had just been that kind of a morning. Due to limited options and immediate accessibility I was forced to patron Q’Doba in pursuit of any piece of Mexican food outside of a Chalupa.

I entered this establishment with a mild sense of skepticism and a small idea of betrayal to my morals and long-standing friendships that I have blogged about before. However, these externalities can not compare with what happened.

I stride confidently to the counter where I am greeted by an above-average looking blond, young lady, (That is The Hosh’s elusive, diplomatic, non-commitant way of saying she was cute) where I order a ‘Chicken, Queso Burrito.’ I move through the line chatting congenially with some fellow who was about to enjoy his naked burrito bowl.

After paying for my burrito I grab a cookie, a coke and head for the door. I sit in my car while I am moving through the car wash and unwrap my burrito. First things first – no queso. I ordered it, paid extra for the treasured and exhalted queso and now I find a complete absense of it. Moving on. Next I notice the extreme sparcity of actual pieces of chicken on my chicken burrito. Apparently Q’Doba’s chicken farm had been ravaged by the Bird Flu and so with that they ration out their chicken pieces to me at an extremely reduced rate. Finally everything, rice, chicken, salsa verde and cheese was completely and unceremoniously- cold.

With that final statement everyone who considers themself someone who knows anything about food, let alone burritos, realizes what a complete letdown this was for me. Q’Doba, Chipotle, El Parral, Chili’s, even Taco Hell – I don’t care who you are – it is an atrocious abomination to serve me a cold burrito. Lovers on either side of this debate will completely agree – this was inexcusable.

So all of this to say, I am completely done with Q’Doba. They broke my heart today, broke my heart. Fortunately I did not have high expectations to begin with. But let’s say it this way, we had our second date and Q’Doba, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” Tonight, Chipotle will be receiving some money from me and they will undoubtedly restore my enjoyment and relationship with the burrito.

Thank you Chipotle for being everything that I need you to be.


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