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Anti-American Gatorade Commercial
May 12, 2006, 5:42 pm
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Well, this is a commercial that has time and time again fired me up on many different levels. I spent some time trying to track it down.

Now after finding it and preparing a blog about it, I have two different thought patterns.

My first reaction to this video was that it had definite Anti-American overtones. How dare you take my American pastime’s theme song and abuse it to suit your political agenda of seeing America join the rest of the world in its unthinking, hearty embrace of the “world’s sport” soccer! How dare you. Soccer is not the ‘new ballgame.’ I find the inclusion of the ‘Yankees Go Home’ sign to be blatant and activist in nature.

However a lot of my reaction to this commercial was in ignorance. This is footage of the U.S. team playing in the World Cup. We did not do very well. The point of the commercial is to show what the team was up against on the world front. Another point of the commercial is to indicate to us that we should better support the U.S. team as we prepare to enter this years’ World Cup in Berlin. To this I agree.

I hate soccer. I love America. I will wholeheartedly support the United States’ team that goes to represent us on an international stage and play the ‘world’s sport’.



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I whole-heartedly support our Men’s Soccer Team by cheering for the other teams. This is not good for America to have a good soccer team.

Comment by Vonswain

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