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Mexico – Friends?
May 15, 2006, 10:05 pm
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Hereis a good post by A Lady’s Ruminations expressing her view that Mexico is not necessarily our friend.

I agree that at times they do things that are not terribly friendly for our country. Such as encouraging extreme amounts of immigration, legal or otherwise, into our country. However, we must NOT think of Mexico as our enemy. We must do everything that we can to refrain from thinking about Mexicans as the enemy. They are not.

The United States is pro-immigration. Everyone would agree with this, however, we MUST keep our country’s people (immigrants are included in this, obviously) safe.


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Thanks for the comments on my site and the link here! I must beg to differ. Mexico is not our friend. But, Mexico is certainly something of an enemy. What good does Mexico do us? The Mexican government wouldn’t back us on the Iraq War (I suppose whether that is good or not depends on whether you agree with the war or not). The Mexican government actively encourages and assists its citizens in invading our country. Mexican citizens shoot at our border agents from across the border, bring drugs, crime, poverty, disease, and more here. What good does Mexico do?

Thanks again for the link and comments! I do appreciate them! 🙂

Comment by Lady Jane

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