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Bingo is Not Just for Old People
August 4, 2006, 2:42 pm
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This is a fantastic post by a great friend of mine, Summer Elyse from Albert Lea, Minnesota. She has one of the most unique perspectives on life that I have ever encountered. Most of that comes from her working as a Certified Nurses’ Assistant in a nursing home for the past 4 years. She is a wonderful person and is a delightful writer. This is a great post from her myspace blog.

This week is fair week. Fair week usually involves lots of deep fried food and bingo.

Bingo is a strange and wonderful game. It seems so lame at first but when you’re a number away from the money…your heart starts beating and a wave of nervous excitment takes over. Then all of a sudden you hear “BINGO!” from somewhere around you and you cuss because all this time you were for sure you’d be the winner. With much anger and resentment, you clear the darn card and do it again. Why? It’s addicting. Is it gambling? Probably so, but then again, it’s bingo.

Every hour there is a game of black out. This time it’ll cost you a dollar and not the measly 25 cents because it’s the big money. I did in fact win 91 dollars playing on only one card tonight. You know there are those little old ladies who will buy like 7 cards and try frantically to keep up with the number’s being called as they cuss everytime they miss a number. Well my friend, favor was in my name tonight. I got your money and now look who’s jealous.

I will definitely be one of those little old ladies with the styrofoam visor and cataract protection sunglasses, sipping on my coffee and gnawing on overly priced mini donuts, watching in utter astonishment all the hooligans running about and being more divious as the years go by…ahh yes, I can see it now. “


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