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My ‘Friends’
December 12, 2006, 8:46 pm
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At my office, my so-called “friends” and I express our affection for one another by being complete jerks to each other most of the time. Josh, Josiah and I have lunch together daily and it usually consists of complete verbal abuse of one of us, usually me. However, it is fun. It is so strange how guys coexist. We earn one another’s respect by completely berating the others. Odd, now onto a story.

Yesterday, we had a new girl start with us, her name is Zoe. I met her and talked with her for awhile as she got used to the office. Then in the afternoon while Josiah was training her, I ended up by his desk utilizing the facsimile machine. I politely said ‘Hello, Josiah’ and ‘How are you doing?’ to Zoe. Josiah noticing my slight, albeit undecipherable hesitation when I about said her name (which had promptly decided to slip my mind) and he jumped all over it like a monkey on a cupcake. ‘SHE HAS A NAME YOU KNOW!’ He exclaimed. ‘Don’t you know the new girl’s name!?’ ‘Maybe you should remember what it is!’ He then paused and looked at me with a smirk that would make Donald Trump feel condescended. After I bumbled and stumbled, hemmed and hawed, he picked back up, ‘Maybe you should remember next time and actually care about the people in this office! Her name is Zoe.’

She laughed. He laughed. I snorted and quietly mumbled something about being sorry and then walked away in a quiet, awful, embarrassing, defeat by one of my ‘friends.’ Thank you Josiah.

Also, let me share a couple of our best lines to each other so far this week. One from each of them.

“You are a walking obscenity since you haven’t seen this movie that is a gift from God!!” when speaking of Spinal Tap and the fact that I haven’t seen it – Josiah
“I wish you were aborted.” – Josh, just because


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