Josh Brage

The Clinton Post-911 Legacy?
January 10, 2007, 1:59 pm
Filed under: Politics

This has fired me completely up, we have allowed ourselves to be simply and completely deceived. This document is the Staff Report from the House of Representatives on Sandy Berger and his stealing of classified documents. Please take a moment and read at least the Executive Summary of this document. Let me quote the conclusion to you.

Here is the full document.

The country may never know the full effect of Berger’s misconduct. His deliberate, calculating actions to remove highly classified documents compromised the national security of this country in more ways than one. His unauthorized removal documents by itself is sanctioned by criminal law, and he has been prosecuted. The temporary abandonment of highly classified documents at a construction site could have resulted in the disclosure of sensitive material to our enemies. That is why we protect classified documents and require that they handled in very restrictive circumstances.

This report states that Berger had specific access to documents of which there are no copies or records. What in the world did he take? More importantly why did he take them? Do they incriminate him of neglecting the threat of an Islamic Terror strike on American soil? Do they incriminate the Clinton administration? What and Why? These are things that we should know, but will never know. I know one thing, we can expect more of the same if we let Ms. Hillary anywhere near the White House again. This is something that cannot happen.

Thanks to Hugh.


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