Josh Brage

Psychology Degree Conversation
January 30, 2007, 5:13 pm
Filed under: Office

After discovering that one of my co-workers has a degree in psychology my friends and I embarked upon this amazingly enlightened conversation.

Hosh – “Wow, I just heard that so and so has a degree in psychology.”

Josiah – “Pole”

Josh – “Yeap. Degrees don’t mean anything.”

Josiah – “Amen. Bros.”

Hosh – “Especially degrees in psychology.”

Josh – “I thought about getting a degree in that. I think pretty much the only field specific job you can get in psychology is teaching.”

Hosh – “Right and who wants to teach psyc?”

Josiah – “Or customer service positions.” (that is what we do.)

Hosh – “Right. I can do that without a liberal arts degree.”

Josh – “Well I personally think that it is a pretty important field that doesn’t get enough recognition.”

Josiah – “Bush lied. People died.”

Josh – “Ha ha. I hate you.”

Josiah – “Hosh used the word liberal, so I made my move. Check mate.”

The end.


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