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More on The Journey
January 31, 2007, 5:26 pm
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Steve McKoy has this.

Wow. Very interesting article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about The Journey Church in St. Louis and their pastor, Darrin Patrick. It’s called, ahem, “Beer and the Bible.” Darrin is a friend and someone who I think is doing an unbelievable job pastoring. They are associated with the SBC as well as Acts29.

Saint Louis Today has this.

In a back room at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, about 50 people gathered on a recent Wednesday night to talk rock ‘n’ roll.

Why are Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain considered by some to be messiahs? When did rock music lose its edge and become another product manufactured and marketed by huge conglomerates such as Viacom?

It was a conversation perfectly suited to the setting. Beer-stained wooden tables and the smell of hops complemented a free-flowing, spirited debate among hip young people in scruffy beards and T-shirts.

In 2007, this is church.

Aaron Mouts has this.

On new years eve i was able to attend the journey in st. louis. it was a very unique experience, and one that gave a great picture of thinking creatively in your approach to church.

Today, the st. louis post-dispatch ran a story on the journey and their relationship with the missouri baptist convention and the southern baptist convetion (sbc). it’s a interesting story especially considering a gathering that the journey puts on called ‘theology at the bottleworks’ where people gather to discuss theological and cultural issues over beer. (it harkens back to what martin luther did in germany). recently the sbc has taken a hard-line stance against alcohol in any way shape or form and now there’s some ruffled feathers and a bit of contention between the two—but mainly, according to the article, from the sbc. (a funny note is in the article darrin patrick, the lead pastor, is praised by the executive director of the missouri baptist convention for creating an “ideal model” of church.)

this is an interesting story that chronicles and details the clash between modern and postmodern ministry… (please don’t read that last statement narrowly as only relating to alcohol, but in the larger context of freedom and flexibility vs. legalism and fundamentalism).


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