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This is What I Get When I Get Sick
February 26, 2007, 6:50 pm
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This is what I got when I got sick Sunday night. I woke up to find this basket of wonderful things. Jami is amazing. There was soup, medicine, water, Izze Soda (Blueberry, my favorite!) a cards, some candy, some Halls and a box of tissues! This enable me to camp out and watch movies for about 24 hours. I need to still be there sleeping, but I am working (and blogging.)


February 24, 2007, 8:43 pm
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February 24, 2007, 8:43 pm
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Tonight: Generation Next
February 24, 2007, 6:31 am
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Tonight, I preached at Generation Next. I thought that it went well. I talked about Lent and denying yourself – “Purposeful Inconvenience.” My favorite part was when Delmar stopped me and called me towards him on the front row to point out that my fly was down. AWESOME! I prefer preaching with my fly down, it says, “Hey, I am transparent.”

Four Day Weekend!
February 22, 2007, 5:08 pm
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I have been granted today off in celebration of George Washington’s Birthday, which I will celebrate by finishing a biography on his life called His Excellency. Also, tomorrow you will not find me at my desk at Humanscale. 4 days! All to myself! I have some work to do, some bills to pay, some budgets to do, some work for GraceGun, some downloading to do, some sleeping to do, but overall – I don’t have anything to do! Oh, and the high today is 60 degrees! These are my celebratory pics! (I am going to shave today too, I look like a fool.)

Potluck Wednesday Here at the Office
February 21, 2007, 5:42 pm
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This is a crazy day here at the office. It is potluck Wednesday. I don’t know if it is the fact that it is really nice outside or the smell of cheese dip, mixed with BBQ, mixed with sweet smelling treat wafting from the break room, but everyone in this office is in a weird mood today. I think it is funny how an entire office of people take on each other’s moods so quickly. People are sarcastic and edgy. It is fun. It is light-hearted – for the most part. When you ask a question, people smart off to you in that way that says, “I am joking right now, but don’t push it.” So I am not pushing it.

In other news, we have enjoyed the presence of a new temp. She is very nice, a little elderly and likes to talk a lot. Now when I say a lot I am not talking the kind of a lot when two people lock into it on The O’Reilly Factor – I mean the kind of a lot when two 8 year old girls go to the mall. That kind of a lot. Two amazing situations have ensued since she has joined us.

The first happened yesterday in our final lunch as the 3 Js – Josh, Josh and Josiah. (Josiah is leaving for Australia on Monday and tomorrow is his last day.) Towards the end of our lunch in the break room, in walks our new temp and sits down. She starts talking to us and promptly discovers that Josiah is quitting and leaving. When prompted to tell her where and launch into that well-practiced routine of “We are going to Australia and here is why . . .” that every person who goes through a life change must preach to a thousand different people in the same way, Josiah simply looks scared of the afore mentioned a lot of talking and looks to the two Joshs for help. Josh Mick promptly offers up, “Thailand” and then he and I walk out of the room. As we leave we hear over our shoulder, “OHHH, Thailand – the Land of Smiles . . . .” We laughed to ourselves at his amazingly, awkward predicament.

Next, happened this morning when our new temp needed some IT help. Josh is IT. So she trudges up the stairs looking for him (why she can’t pick up the phone, I don’t know) they talk for a minute with Josh giving her the universal answer that buys more time for IT people – “Have you restarted your computer?” Then she walks away. Promptly Josh bolts to my desk and proclaims in horror, “She farted on me!” Yes, that is right. She farted on him. Actually, his face was technically about 2.5 feet from the incident, but I consider anything concerning a fart within 4 feet “on.”

Bottom line: GREAT DAY. AND I have the next two days off as well to enjoy this beautiful Colorado weather. Happy birthday George Washington!

Ash Wednesday – Lent
February 20, 2007, 5:43 pm
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First of all let me make an observation. It is amazing how much I know about ‘Faith’ and how little I know about Lent. Next, I think that I am going to observe it this year. Apparently, you are supposed to give up something and add something to your life. For example, give up soda and read your Bible an extra 10 minutes. The thought behind this is that you are identifying with Christ’s suffering. Bonus – something that I just learned is that Sundays are the ‘free-day’ you can have your “thing” on Sundays.

So I am going to abstain from alcohol and engage in working out. I know that neither of these things are overtly spiritual, however I think that they will help me focus on denying my flesh and taking on Christ. I am looking forward to it. Here we go! 41 days until Easter!

(oh and 40 days until MLB Opening Day!)