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I Don’t Care What You Say – High-Fives are Cool!
February 9, 2007, 2:55 pm
Filed under: Fun, High-Five


High-Fives are amazing. Recently I had a conversation with some of my co-workers about high-five quota and style. On quota they seemed set that 4-6 a week is pretty acceptable. To which, I exclaimed, “It is 7 in the morning and I have already given 12 today!” Maybe, I am a little over-zealous, but DANG IT, I like the high-five. How many is acceptable in your sphere?

We also discussed style. The site that I linked it fairly descriptive of most styles, however one that one of co-workers brought up that I have immediately put into practice is the “Grandpa Style.” Please try this, TODAY! It is AWESOME.

Begin your High-Five in “High-Ten” Style (if confused, check the site or just double-up what you usually do) when the hands engage for that momentary collison of sound – don’t let go. Yes. Don’t let go. Just hold their hands up in the air and shake them for a moment.

If you are wondering, YES it is awkward. Tremendously so. You will feel weird, but just remember how weird the other person is feeling and then smile – IT IS AMAZING.

How many High-Fives a day is acceptable? A week?

What about style? Any good stories?


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