Josh Brage

Jaguars V. Valley View
March 28, 2007, 3:00 pm
Filed under: Baseball

Last night was our second game. Actually, we looked alright. It was a crazy windy night, so it was anyone’s ballgame. Defensively we were solid, through the first 3 innings. Offensively, we put up 16 over 4 innings. I was very pleased with our offensive production, including Frank our sleeper. He has stepped in and is a rock-solid first baseman who is able to dig my throws out of the dirt and last night he drove the ball hard twice – once in the gap and once to the fence. Frank will put one over before it is all said and done.

For the first 4.5 innings we looked pretty decent. We went into the bottom half of the forth inning with a comfortable lead 14-4. Then things got a little crazy. They put a couple of runners on and scored one. We got an out. Then I flubbed a ground ball. Things then appeared to get a little crazy. The infield couldn’t stop a groundball, the outfield began to throw the ball around and around, and no one could catch. Singles became doubles. Doubles became runs. Many plays later one of the opposing players hit a weak little popup right over the top of the mound. I went to catch it, when one of my teammates who was playing second came through to get the ball as well. As I pulled off abruptly to let him through, I planted my leg wrong and my knee just exploded in pain. So that was the end of my game. (I sprained my knee, it will hurt through the weekend.) As I watched we continued to give up runs until they had obtained a 16-14 lead. We then ended the inning. We were able to start the fifth (we were guests) and we got one runner on base, but first was as far as he got.

So that is that. We gave them the game. It was extremely disheartening. We all were pretty mad, but we kept it together for the most part. We are just going to have to work harder at the basics of the game. Hitting our cutoff men, getting base hits and running the bases with aggression and intelligence.

On my end, I still need to be more consistent in the infield. My new glove has provided me with a lot of confidence. I snagged a line drive that I don’t think I could have gotten with my old glove. Last night was my only error in two games. (Last year I had about 2 a game.) But I have to do my job so that my teammates know that I am there for them. Offensively, my swing is very much back. I spent a couple of days in the cages figuring out why I wasn’t driving the ball. I found out that I had been pulling my head, with my head down I drive the ball with authority (maybe not actual power, but authority.) Last night I went 1/2. The first pitch that I saw would have bounced 6 inches in front of the plate, but I got anxious and poked it to the pitcher. I had a long sacrifice fly and a solid double in the gap. So I still have some areas of improvement, but my attitude was decent, my defense was almost complete and offensively I am happy. So, onto week 4.


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