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Jaguars versus Misfits
April 11, 2007, 1:13 pm
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You know that it is going to an alright night, when the #7 hitter (in this case myself) gets to hit twice in the first inning. I had a double and a triple. Apparently, our offense has decided to show up in a strong way the past two games. Last week we scored twenty. Our coaches revamped our lineup a little bit, it seemed to be a good jolt for us. We developed some good consistency throughout the lineup, which is what you strive for.

First inning, we scored 16. After that good start, we went on to add 6 more for a final of 22 – 12. They gave us quite a few, their outfield was having some difficulties with only 3 outfielders. However, we were still putting the ball out there and forcing them to make plays.

Defensively, we were solid. We didn’t throw the ball around at all. Outfielders showed discipline in hitting their cut guys and in knowing where the play was in the infield. The infield was decent. My arm was tight and I had a couple of tough plays where if the throw had been there we would have had outs. I will have to work on that, when it is cold, I need to throw for a lot longer to get my arm going.

Personally, last night was a challenging night for me. I have to keep working hard. My bat was strong with 2 doubles, a triple and a deep fly ball that the centerfielder made a strong play on. Defensively, I didn’t drop anything even though I could not find my glove before the game and I was using a crappy backup glove from my trunk. However, like I mentioned before a couple of times I needed to dig deeper and make a stronger throw and I did not. Also, I have not trusted my fellow infielders lately. This was noticed last night. This is me not being a good teammate. There were a couple of plays that should have gone to my fellow infielders that I took myself. Nothing disastrous happened, but we didn’t get outs on those plays. This is unacceptable behavior, both for myself and for my coaches. This will be corrected immediately. Hopefully, it will make us a better team.

Overall, solid night. We played strong, kept the pressure on and didn’t let up defensively. We play the same team next Tuesday, so hopefully we can generate our first win streak of the season. I look forward to it.


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Man am I STOKED for softball season! Of course, in Michigan I’ve got awhile before it starts. I guess I could at least start getting in shape…

This will be my first season that I’m not the coach so it should be fun!!

Comment by Russell

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