Josh Brage

Poker on My Home Table
April 12, 2007, 1:32 pm
Filed under: Friends

Apparently, when I am at my own house, I forget how to play poker. The scenario goes like this: “Hey, everyone come over for some poker! YEAH!” Everyone comes over, last night 9 O’clock we had 6 people. Sarah, Chris, Christina, Josh, Brandon and myself. We laugh. I talk too much. We laugh some more. And then about 6 hands in, I start to ‘play like a pro.’ I usually win one or two hands and then promptly get locked into a battle, where my pride is on the line, my mouth isn’t saying anything anymore and I won’t back down, because ‘it is my house.’ Then with 3 3s on the table, me holding a King kicker, I move in $4 of my $5, it happens. Chris drops pocket Kings for the full house 3s full of Kings. I play 3 more hands with $1, all while not talking. Then I finally go all in and my night is over. First one out. It happens every stinking time. It is a trap, a snare if you will and I always fall in it. Head over heels. Then I blow it off like it is no big deal and cry myself to sleep when they all leave. I hate poker at my house.

(But I like my friends, so…)


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