Josh Brage

Missed My Plane By 1 Minute
April 13, 2007, 12:20 am
Filed under: Beer, Fun, Rockstar

Me and this dude found out that we were on the same flight. We fought through hour long security lines, began sprinting for our plane. We were intense. He was hollering for people to move, I was knocking babies out of the way we both ran breathless up to the gate counter. I could see that the plane was still attached to the gate. The man at the counter told us that we were 6 seconds away from him releasing the plane. So he begins to type away and then he smiles to himself and looks up to the two of us and declares, “I have one seat available.”

Yep. The other guy got the seat. If I had ditched the old man, I would have made my flight. Dang it. But it all worked out. I sat and enjoyed a Sam Adams.


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hahaha… oh man!!

Comment by nicky

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