Josh Brage

April 19, 2007, 8:20 pm
Filed under: High-Five, Rockstar

Why did I not know about this day sooner? I don’t know, but today is NATIONAL HIGH-FIVE DAY! Everyone in my office got one! A couple of people got two. Everyone else that I see today will get one.

National High Five

It is a day of community and unity.” – From the Documentary

My life is so complete, basically because of the high-five. We have talked about the high-five before on this blog. You should reread it now.

Basically, it is the ultimate – ‘you rock.’ Sometimes it is an ‘I rock!’ No matter what, someone is rockin’. That is what makes this gesture a great one.

Today, high-five everyone you meet. Try out a new one, try the grandpa, try the down-low, try the spin-move high-five. Most of all, get as many in as you can before the clock strikes midnight. Go in peace.


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Consider yourself virtually high-fived from Michigan!

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