Josh Brage

Same Pattern . . .
June 25, 2007, 2:14 pm
Filed under: Baseball; Rockies, Morning

My Rockies seem to always lead me into heart-breaking and difficult situations. Last week was the peak of the season for me so far. The almighty Yankees came into town and in front of over 147,000 people in 3 games managed to eek out only 5 runs as my Rockies swept the home series. This was a pinnacle. Tons of people saw how good the Rockies have been playing recently. I had some clout now to say that Rockies baseball was competitive and exciting to watch and follow. My friends began to pay attention to them and a couple were even interesting in heading with me down the the park. My office had very little to chide me about as I faithfully place another ‘W’ on my Rockies sheet hung proudly on my cubicle wall.

Then we went to Toronto. Yep, those are my Rockies. We got shellacked. Thrice. Pitching sucked. We couldn’t hit. Tulow was good. Brian Fuentes blew another save (3rd this year.) We were three outs away from walking away hitless. Now we are back at 5 and a half out of the lead of the division. We are still alright, but I am sitting here wondering . . .

Will we do what it takes to take the division? Namely, acquire someone who resembles a starting pitcher. Right now, with the exception of Francis and sometimes Cook, we have a starting lineup that consists of men who would be pleased coming out the bullpen in middle relief for most teams in baseball. It is not the caliber of pitching staff that will see us through to a game in October. I hope that we will.

But for now let’s remember that we are the best defensive team in all of baseball. That is a good thing. Someone said that defense wins championships. Not in baseball. Pitching does.


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