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Ok . . . Honestly?
June 29, 2007, 12:39 pm
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So I blogged on Monday about the disappointing pattern of the Rockies coming from behind in dramatic fashion fueled by a late-inning Tulow dinger and then Brian Fuentes coming in and failing to close the game out for us.

Friday night in Toronto – Tulow 2-run shot to put us up 6-4. Fuentes blows the save.

Monday night in Chicago – Tulow 3-run shot to cap a six run ninth that put us up 9-8. Fuentes blows the save.

So last night, I am at Buffalo Wild Wings where you will find me every Wing Thursday (boneless = $.50) and am watching my Rockies falter away a lead this time. Cook pitched alright. And it was enjoyable watching Biggio get his 3,000th. So the game goes extra innings. Then comes the 11th. Tulow gets up and I get excited. Sure enough, doink, solo shot to put us up 5-4. I am now very excited and am watching Brian come in from the outfield to close this one. (Surely there is no way that he will blow 3 saves IN A ROW! IN CLOSE GAMES!)

Guess what? He loaded the bases and gives up a walk-off grand slam to Carlos Lee.

Hey Clint, just a suggestion. Maybe we let someone else have the ball in actual save situations. I know that we pay Brian out the butt to come in and lose close games for us, but I am getting a little tired of it. Brian, you are continually breaking my heart.


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One of the strangest string of games I am aware of. Over a season, maybe. In one week? No way.

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