Josh Brage

This Has Been An Amazing Couple of Days/Games
July 5, 2007, 6:23 am
Filed under: America, Baseball; Rockies

For now the pic, tomorrow, some actual content about the games.

UPDATE: Good morning, now I will blog a little. This was a fun past few days. I enjoy all three of the Mets games with good groups of friends. I got to spend some time with some people who I hadn’t seen in a while. Including running into a guy who I knew in youth group 6 years ago and hadn’t seen in at least 4! This is why I love baseball. It is just fun. It is innocent. It is family.

The fireworks after the games were amazing. (I can’t lie, I got teary-eyed watching the ‘bombs bursting in air’ while listening to Lee Greenwood ‘Bless the USA’) However the fireworks during the game was what pleased me the most. We absolutely hammered the Mets! We hit anything that they threw at us! We outscored the Mets 34-12 over 3 games. If you include the Yanks trouncing, we have beaten New York teams 47-17 in the past two weeks! (CBS has the recap)

Could we be a playoff contending team? Yes. I honestly believe we could, BUT I want to see us go out in the next 3 weeks and get an actual marquee starting pitcher who can rally us and provide us the consistency that we will need to make a serious playoff run. It can happen. It feels good to watch us win 3, but we absolutely cannot have another road trip like that one. Cannot!

It was a blast. There were a bunch of cameras, so if pics come my way I will let you know. And, yes, I know that I have been blogging about the Rockies a lot lately, but so be it!


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