Josh Brage

I Can Outpunk an 9 Year Old
August 10, 2007, 2:47 pm
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Ok, funny story happened last night. I hope that I can do it justice. Last night I had a group picnic with the worship team. It was a gorgeous night and they held it at the park right down the street from my house, so I was able to just walk down there. It is always fun to just hang out at a park with some friends!

Now to the fun part. I was horsing around with a couple of the kids there. When out of no where this other kid, from our group, probably 9 or 10, comes walking up and kicks this other kid in the shin really hard. (They are about the same size, so it was alright.) So I start messing with this new-comer and playfully kickbox at his shin. Well, at the first slight contact this dude throws himself on the ground and starts crying. It was a total soccer-player move. All of us just froze and watched him. Everyone realizing that this kid is psycho. So after about 10 seconds of this madness, he gets up and dramatically limps away to see his mom.

So I move on and am now standing off to the side talking to a friend, when POW! This kid has come back and grabbed a handful of ice and plowed me in the back with it. His eyes are all crazy and he is seriously mad. So, I do the mature thing and reach down grab some ice and start pitching it back at him.

This goes on for a minute, escalating as these things usually do. Until I get serious with him and peg him, hard, with a golfball size piece of ice in his left calf. This time he goes down, gripping his leg and is now in pain. So, again, I do the adult thing and peg his other leg.

Now he slowly gets up with murder in his eyes. And walks away, doesn’t even stop at at the picnic shelter and heads straight to his family’s van.

That’s right. I am a bigger punk than a 9 year old.


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