Josh Brage

Why Is This Not In My Life?
August 10, 2007, 5:03 pm
Filed under: Rockstar

Yeah, that’s right. It is an R2-D2 Video Projector!

Your very own R2-D2!

From the site:

A full 6.44 metersprojection of any (digital) material. Artoo lets you use DVDs and CDs with his own integrated player. Connect external devices through video and audio ports (analog and digital), project photos and videos directly from memory cards, USB-flashdrives and with the interal iPod dock, even from your iPod photo or video!

Stereo and surround sound can be enjoyed through integrated 20W speakers. A fully motorized design which allows remote control of Artoo with the Millennium Falcon remote. Move Artoo Forward, Reverse, make him Turn Left, Turn Right and Rotate his headunit. Tilt the legs and ceiling projection is possible! The remote lets you control all of Artoo’s movements, video and audio functions, and gives you full control over the iPod’s menu which can even be projected.

R2-D2 and the Millennium Falcon remote have light and sound effects.

Ummm… holy crap!


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