Josh Brage

This is My Favorite Time of Year
September 10, 2007, 3:01 pm
Filed under: Walk with God, Whatever

Last night was one of my holidays! I woke up from my afternoon, post-football nap and walked outside enroute to my friends’ house for a rousing game of Monopoly (oh, I despise the grip that game has on my heart!) As I walked outside I was immediately immersed in joy. I was cold.

As I slowly realized what this meant, I turned right back through the door that I had just passed through and then broke into a sprint for the second hanger on the right side of my closet. It was hoodie time!

Pure ecstasy washed over me as I placed the well-worn, blue zip-up garment displaying my interest in the Chicago Bears on my back. As I then proceeded to my car, I realized that it is here. Fall is here. Football is here. This is my time of year. I wish I could describe it in more detail, but hopefully you catch it as I have. I feel bad for all of you on the West Coast or in the south, Fall is where it is at.


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summer shmummer. This is Barge time.

Comment by sean michael brage

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