Josh Brage

October 1, 2007, 3:31 am
Filed under: Walk with God

Well, here it is 10/1/2007. This is a journal entry post. I believe in recognizing and marking transition points in my life. What that means is that I watch for a ‘rally point’ to focus on, at least for a moment or two. Most of the time this simply means that I am focused or disciplined for a day or two. Every once in a while it actually marks a point in my life where something actually changed significantly. You see, I am a great starter, but not always great (or even competent) at seeing something through. But you know what else? That doesn’t damage my vigor for starting one more time.

Things are changing in my life. God seems to have opened some doors for some significant changes in my life. However, like most things that God brings into my world, there of course is the option to not walk it out. It seems that God will open a window of opportunity for you at certain times. These may be times of extended grace, clarified vision, accelerated results or just extraordinary peace and comfort – sometimes there is some of everything. Honestly, I want some of everything right now. Which is exciting because I feel one of those times is upon me.

There are things that I want out of my life. Things that I have wrestled with for a long time. Health issues, pride issues, heart issues, relational issues – issues that I want out of my world. There are things that I want in my life – clarity of my role, further development of the character God is building in my life, joy, excitement, motivation, inspiration, vision.

What is so cool about God is that He is always excited and interested in my life. That seems self-motivated, but it just trips me out most of the time. He is so big. I am so small and yet . . . I mean the world to Him.

God use this time for whatever you want to. I submit myself fully to Your leading. God get in my heart and rearrange things. Lead me, guide me, change me. God I want to glorify You. So be glorified in my heart. amen


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