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October 16, 2007, 6:01 am
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NU fired Steve Pederson.

Thank you NU.


Dirty Laundry “What Now?”

But I have to wonder what the heck happened with Steve Pederson. He turned things around in a hurry at Pittsburgh. EVERYONE wanted him here when Bill Byrne escaped for Texas A&M (and if he survives that mess, whoa, look out). Trev Alberts went on local and national television demanding Pederson get hired as AD. He was a native Nebraskan. He was on Osborne’s staff. He’s in one of the pictures from one of the 1990’s National Championship teams. To me, Pederson always looked like the type of guy who if you shook hands with him, you’d have to check to make sure you still had 5 fingers. I could never find one reason to trust the guy, even though I don’t blame him for firing that lush Solich. But now this guy’s legacy is the way he botched the Solich firing. How he botched the search for a new head coach. How he hired a damaged goods coach who just as well have showed up to the job interview dressed as Little Bo Peep.
In other words, Pederson’s legacy will forever be that he himself destroyed the once dominate and elite Nebraska football program.

Husker Mike

My point is that we don’t necessarily need an athletic director or head coach with Nebraska ties…but rather an athletic director or coach that truly embraces Nebraska.

Would Tom Osborne be the right man to be athletic director, at least in the interim? Right now, he would seem to be the logical choice and he’s earned the right to this position. Nobody is more qualified to analyze the Nebraska football program and select the next head coach.

I understand that I have been a bit negligent in my analysis of Husker football (or what is left of it lately.) But you can easily excuse me when I have the Rockies as a welcome item to focus my attention. Lord knows the Broncos won’t do that this season.

More HuskerTalk to follow . . .


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