Josh Brage

St. Augustine’s Confessions
October 24, 2007, 12:30 am
Filed under: Books, Walk with God

Here is a quote. I will come back and comment.

“Truly the sinners flee so that they do not have to see You seeing them. They run because they are blind and they are afraid they might stumble against You in the dark. That is something to fear, for You forsake nothing that You have made. So the unjust do blunder upon You, and they are justly injured in the collision. They have withdrawn from Your gentleness and stumbled into You justice. They trip over their own worthlessness.”


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I DON’T LIKE YOU!! Thanks for taking my battery.. I don’t have an alarm clock now 🙂 I should have known.. you have done this before (yes I knew the whole time it was you) I got 5 words for you: it’s on like donky kong!!
I realize this comment has nothing to do with your blog, but I don’t care. Since I have no working phone to harrass you with this will have to suffice.

Comment by Chrissie

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