Josh Brage

Schilling is a Class Act
October 29, 2007, 5:10 pm
Filed under: Baseball; Rockies

“God has his fingerprints all over this game.”I stole it. Clint Hurdle said that about game 4 and it resonated with me all day long. What Aaron Cook and Jon Lester went through to get to this point, to get the ball, was God’s work. What they did after “Play Ball” was awe inspiring in a million ways.

Hate to see the cheap shots taken by fans and writers at what went down over the last 5 days with regards to the series and Colorado’s team. They may not use it as an excuse, I certainly don’t expect to hear it from Helton, Holliday Hurdle or any others, but the 8 days between games, in my opinion, had a negative effect on them. I still believe we are the best team in the world, and 8 days or not we would have won, but I think it did impact them in many different ways. 8 days off and then you step in the box and have to face the best pitcher on the planet? Hats off to the NL Champions for redefining comeback and “against all odds”. What they did to even get to the 2007 World Series needs to be etched in stone. I think it will be lost over the next few months because of the outcome of the Series but it shouldn’t be, they did it with class and style. They played the game right and hard. Seeing true, old school, blue collar guys like Todd Helton finally getting into the World Series after putting up Hall worthy numbers his whole career is a cool thing.

read the rest here, it is well worth the read.


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