Josh Brage

Motivation? What?
November 9, 2007, 4:58 pm
Filed under: U2 = LIFE, Walk with God

Don’t you just love doing stuff that you don’t want to do?

Man, I sure do! There is nothing like it. It is a rush. (I am irritated.)

Something I love about following Christ is that He knows right when to push you and when to let you be. You know what I mean? Right now, lol, He is pushing me. That all-too-familiar push of Christ molding you into His image is once again influencing my world. I feel it all over. My thoughts are being challenged. My words are being examined. It is good, I like it. I love knowing that God is working on my life. (Good thing, because it is going to take a while.)

But man, it sure it hard sometimes. Don’t you just like doing what you like doing? I do. I like just doing what I like. Doing what feels right. That is what I like. I like to say things off the cuff, just because I am pissy. I like to get in people’s face at the drop of a hat, because they “need to be corrected.” Man. I love NOT working. I love it.

Thankfully. I love God more.

Trip Through Your Wires by U2 

In the distance, she saw me comin’ round
I was callin’ out, I was callin’ out.
Still shakin’, still in pain
You put me back together again.
I was cold and you clothed me, honey
I was down, and you lifted me, honey.

Angel, angel or devil?
I was thirsty
And you wet my lips.
You, I’m waiting for you
You, you set my desire
I trip through your wires.


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