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November 12, 2007, 4:53 am
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My friend David is sorely mistaken and wrong. So ridiculous. He had the most ridiculous thesis that Lebron and Kobe are BOTH better than M.J.

“I’m just saying, Michael would get beat by Kobe. Kobe Bryant is the most dominating player in basketball of all time. Michael had 6 other great people. Phil Jackson himself said that Kobe is the better player. Matter of fact, Kobe beat Mike right when Kobe was fresh out of high school. Quote me on this, my dad looked at Kobe and said, “That is the future right there.”

We are done here. MJ is and always will be the man.


This was a ridiculous moment. I am done talking about this it has both angered me and disappointed me in what today’s generation believes about awesomeness.

UPDATE: When he asked his father via cell phone, his father simply and eloquently replied, “Are you crazy? MJ.” Conversation over.


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Comment by josh

oh, I freaking care about LEGENDS!

Comment by thehosh

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