Josh Brage

Priorities? People? Action? Ministry?
November 17, 2007, 5:41 pm
Filed under: Walk with God, Whatever

In life you have to constantly be examining your priorities. Especially as you are young and developing. Why do I say this? Because you must sit down and decide what is important to you. Otherwise you will be uncertain in your decision making. In my life, just like you, I have a constant stream of things that are vying for my time, energy and attention. If you are uncertain in your priorities (as I often am) you will constantly be pulled and bounced around among so many different things that you will never feel like you are getting anywhere. Do you ever feel like that? I am coming out of that a lot. It seems like I am settling on my main priorities both in people who I want to spend time with and ideas that I want to develop in my world. I am beginning to feel more stable as a person. This is a very good thing. My question to you is where are your priorities? What are you thinking about? What are you attempting to develop in your life?

(I will post last and actually tell you what mine are!)


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