Josh Brage

It is an Abomination
November 27, 2007, 5:58 pm
Filed under: Rockstar

So, Mark wants Guitar Hero III for Christmas. To me this is the most farout, unexplainable thing I have ever dealt with.

So here goes my main thesis. Video Games exist for one purpose – engaging in entertaining activities via a fantasy world. For example, I thoroughly enjoy Madden 08 on the 360. I love feeling like I am playing NFL football. In real life do I play NFL football? Absolutely not. However, I can engage vicariously in something that I would not be able to engage in otherwise via a video game system. Same goes for 007 Goldeneye. I am not an international superspy. But I can be via a game system. To me this is the appeal. That is the point. People love to engage in all kinds of fantasy worlds, whether it be NFL football, super-spydom, leader of a SWAT team, general over multiple magical armies, etc, etc, etc.

Now, what I do not understand about Mark’s desire to play Guitar Hero is the fact that he can already play guitar. The allure of Guitar Hero is that I can pick up a Les Paul connected (wirelessly) to a 360 and go to town. The crowd cheers, I play music and BAM – I AM A ROCKSTAR! Mark already is a rockstar. He has played guitar for, literally, dozens of people. He can engage in said activity of playing music and listening to crowds roar anytime he wishes. So what is the point of the fantasy. Similarly, Evan has been playing Tony Hawk. Evan is a great skater. He has traveled the world, skateboarding. What in the world is the appeal for him to sit and control a person to do things in a fantasy environment that he could, right now, walk outside and do? I do not understand. At all.

Anyway, I hope Mark gets GHIII. I root for Evan on Tony Hawk. What do I care it is just video games!



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Well as “an international superspy” I can say I find 007 Goldeneye very entertaining, indeed, almost relaxing. If as “an international superspy” I enjoy it I see nothing wrong with mere mortals having a little fun also.

Comment by Mark

I honestly don’t know why I want Guitar Hero III. I think I just have an insatiable thirst to get my ars kicked at video games by my nephews. And if I have GHIII then everyone will want to come over and play and I’ll be the coolest kid on the block.

I’m not even sure if I really desire to actually play the game.

Comment by Mark Thomas

BTW: Where’s the linkage? I always link you when you’re mentioned @

Comment by Mark Thomas

You know… I think you’re right, Josh. I certainly wouldn’t want to play a game called “Appliance Parts Sales Master 4: The Classics.” If I do it in real life, what’s the appeal? The reason I play X-Men Legends is because I CAN’T shoot a concussive force beam out of my eyes… No matter how hard I try.

Comment by petercolon

That was awesome.

Comment by Mark Thomas

i dont know, maybe there will be like, cosmic justice and he will suck at it….u never know

Comment by keanonokeefe

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