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Denver Food Exploration: Santiago’s
December 5, 2007, 7:43 pm
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Ok so in a weird turn of events that can only be described as DIVINE. Jonas called me today and said that he has a place for us to try today. Which is weird, because I had one too. This morning I was watching FOX31 Morning News and eating cereal when I saw a commercial for Santiago’s. THIS same morning a co-worker of Jonas’ reminded him of a special breakfast burrito that he had brought to the office – also from Santiago’s. Weird. Off we went.

First of all, there are many Santiago’s locations all around the Denver Metro area. We went to the one closest to us which is off of Belleview and Broadway. Our first impression when driving up was definitely promising. It looks like a dive. It looks amazing. There is no seating. When you walk in it is sparsely more than a burrito stand with a roof. The menu is big, simple and easy to understand. With the focus being the burrito chart. This chart has a list of every kind of filling you can have in your burrito – bean, beef, etc. etc. with the cross sections being how do you want it – Plain, Filled, Smothered, Deluxe. You have your choice of Green Chile – Mild, Hot, Half and Half.
I choose the deluxe (burrito, smothered with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes) beef mild burrito. Jonas chose the Chile Relleno Plate with half and half. We both had Santiago’s Bottles of Water and added chips and salsa. (We will ALWAYS add chips and salsa.)

Then we encountered our first obstacle. No seating. Where to sit. Fortunately we found an oasis called SBUX with outdoor seating and took up residence.


Hosh: Perfectly average Mexican food. Not go out of your way Mexican food. The green chile was good. I should have gone to Half and Half, not mild. I needed more lovin’. I would definitely eat here again and could see it becoming a place that every once in a while, just sounds amazing. (3.5 out of 5; respectable, no Parral)
Honer: Stick with the breakfast burritos. Avoid the chile rellenos. Salsa tastes like marinara. (Isn’t it interesting how every culture uses the tomato?) (3.25 based soley on their green chile and breakfast burritos; big deduction for lack of quality salsa.)

We finished with Chiclets.


1. Green Chile

2. Smothered Burrito


1. Chile Relleno

2. Chips and Salsa





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If they don’t got salsa support you’d be hard pressed to find Bone there again.

Comment by Mark Thomas

mark speaks the truth. I don’t care if they have kegs of the finest trappist ale for free, good salsa is a must for mexican resaurants. or in this case. mexiCANT harhar

Comment by josh

“mark speaks the truth. I don’t care if they have kegs of the finest trappist ale for free, good salsa is a must for mexican resaurants. or in this case. mexiCANT harhar”

Now Josh, let’s not take it that far…. But yes, good salsa or gtfo.

Comment by Bone

I heard Carlos Miguel’s was good. Hacienda is da bomb!! Nothing beats it.

Comment by Chrissie

So you travelled to my neck of the woods for some Mexican. The wifie and I would eat there every weekend for breakfast burritos if we didn’t want to get fat. They are the bomb and you defnitely need to go with half and half. Other food is so-so

Comment by Paul

i want to help in your in your quest for good mexican food. el noa noa off of sante fe closer to downtown is great. there’s a few carnicerias near there that are good too. have you tried mexican sweetbreads? nummy! my house is always good for some tasty salsa, if i do say so myself…

Comment by teresa

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