Josh Brage

Catalyst 2008 Leadership Retreat
January 14, 2008, 4:01 pm
Filed under: Catalyst

Wow, what an amazing weekend. There is nothing like enjoying a couple of days, seeking the Lord with people who love God the way you love God and are your friends. It is always such a privilege.

Friday night, P. Garrett led our session. Wow. What an amazing person. P. Garrett Neuman is the Student Ministries Pastor for CrossCurrent Ministries in Rockford, IL. He does so much for that church and that community. It was truly a pleasure getting around him, even for just a few days. Friday night we spent time talking about vision. Specifically, vision for our lives. We have to keep vision at the forefront of what we are doing.

Saturday was full of sessions about some very specific and practical tools for all of us as small group leaders (how to design discussions, keep tenor, keep your group growing together as a family.) All of us very quickly became inundated with ideas! By the time the afternoon session ended, my head was spinning with ideas and possibilities! It is exciting!

Saturday night was a powerful evening! God came and met with us! There is nothing like worshiping in unity with a bunch of people who want to chase God like you do! Seanster led worship for us and WOW it was amazing! An hour and a half later, I peeled myself off of the ground. It is always good to be in a room where you do not have to be looking around making sure that everyone is alright. It was a night for just God and myself! P. Garrett spoke on The Leadership Instinct of Shepherding. He walked us through the various tools that a shepherd uses (staff, rod, sling, anointing oil.) At the end of the evening our pastors gave us each Anointing Oil. It was a powerful evening.

Overall, God was really admonishing me (that is a nice way of saying that He was kicking my rear end) to get out there and be who I am supposed to be. Oftentimes I sit around and wait for the “real” leader to take charge and step up. God was really impressing me that that is me. I need to be the one stepping up. Not in a “I am taking charge” way, but in a ” I am leading the situations I am in. Leading by serving. Leading by example. Being who God is calling me to be. What a great weekend! (Now I am tired.)


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