Josh Brage

I Think That is What They Said About the Jews
January 23, 2008, 5:18 am
Filed under: Politics

Verbatim quote that I heard today:

“I will not vote for Romney. He is a Mormon. They are trying to take over the world. I mean think about it, have you ever met one who wasn’t well off?”

Wow. Christians wake up! We cannot think this way! This is what makes people think that we are hateful, bigoted people – because we say hateful, bigoted things! Conservative beliefs aside. Politics aside. We have to interact with the world in a different manner! We have to change our worldview and our perspective. Do I believe in Mormonism? No, no I do not. However, we aren’t going to lead people to the Truth through legislation or by not electing ‘those people.’

Evangelicals need to use their brains. We apparently only require that our “fav” presidential candidate say he is a born-again Christian who believes in the sanctity of marriage (which I do) vocalizes his pro-life beliefs (as do I) and hates stem-cell research (verdict is out on that for me). As long as someone does that we don’t care what his record is, whether or not he actually does what he says or actually does things that advance family values that we would believe in. Just as long as they are saved.

That is weak. I am not going to vote that way. Do I want character? Yes! Would I prefer a candidate share my religious beliefs? Sure. Well, I might as well go vote for the Rev. Barack and accept that this country is going to be far worse off than ever before, simply because he preaches in a church. Nope. Not me.

I am pissed off right now. Apparently we must stop “those people.” We only want to elect evangelicals!

Fine. Go elect evangelicals and continue to foster fear and hatred of anyone else, instead of engaging them in a productive way.

We can’t vote for Romney because he is trying to take over the world for the cause of Joey Smitty. We can’t vote for Rudi because he has had some martial problems. We can’t vote for McCain because he won’t give us what we want. Go grab Pat Robertson and get him on the ballot. Have fun with all that.


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it’s funny how easily christians are manipulated when it comes to politics. “This guy is a christians, he has my vote” while that guy might possibly be the worst candidate out of the group

Comment by josh

i’ll say it again, evangelicals vote based on THREE issues! what about foreign policy, what about government finance, healthcare, education? do we care about these things or just that someone “says” they are pro-life, anti gay-marriage and anti stem-cell research. i need a little more in my candidate than legislating morality. might i also remind us Christians that God has used non-believers in mighty ways with a believer at his side. the Pharoah who appointed Joseph second in command comes to mind. sorry, have to sign off, my soapbox needs some adjustment….

Comment by teresa

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