Josh Brage

Music Exchange Contract
January 23, 2008, 6:49 pm
Filed under: Music

I have entered a music exchange agreement with Zach for the month of Feb. He will listen to U2. I will listen to Underoath. The details of this specific relationship are provided in the document found below.



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Comment by josh

I don’t know that I could listen to suburban metal for that long…

Comment by josh

your middle name is DeVere??? Awesome!

Comment by teresa

Because I want to participate, I will listen to Bluegrass during February. Crowder to start the day but Krauss, Stanley, and Monroe after noon!

Comment by Mark

bluegrass is hardly a punishment!

Comment by josh

I am beginning to think that this might not have been a great idea . . . I will follow through, but I am thinking that nothing good can come of this (Lord, help me!)

Comment by thehosh

Wait, wait, wait….

Your middle name is DeVere???

Comment by Bone

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