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January 25, 2008, 12:29 am
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Just because a band has never been heard of doesn’t mean that they make great music that is misunderstood. Sometimes a band hasn’t been heard of for a reason. In the reverse, just because a band has made it big does not mean that they have “soldout” and now make music for “the masses.” Sometimes a band has made it big because they are really good.

This music exchange contract may not been a good thing around my world. I may not enter into it. Let me think about it . . .


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(I don’t know who wrote this, but they were logged in on a computer that I use, but it is a great comment so . . . )

Underoath’s “They’re Only Chasing Safety” album was darn good, and actually quite popular. Their latest stuff though is mostly Norma Jean knockoffs with crappy emo-titles designed to sound extremely deep while maintaining xCOREx heaviness. If anyone’s sold out, it’s UO.

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