Josh Brage

Dumbest Thing Heard This Week
January 31, 2008, 10:36 pm
Filed under: Food, Friends, Whatever
“I don’t really care for Mexican food.”
When probed, “Why in the world don’t you like Mexican food? That is like saying you don’t like puppies or you want to live in France!”
He replied, “It tears my stomach up.”
Yeah, that is the point.  You eat it, it tears you up, you are a man about it and continue eating Mexican food.
I will forgive him. For now…

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Josh, you shouldn’t call people dumb. Are you discriminating against people who don’t like Mexican?? Where’s your sense of tolerance?

Comment by homeschoolencourager

Do not hang out, or eat Mexican food, with people who say they want to live in France. You know better than that.

Comment by Mark

that wasn’t me was it?

cause i burned my lips off tonighta the superlame party with some hotwings… it sucked but was worth it.

Comment by obedientson

who is this person? where can i find them?

Comment by teresa

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