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Tonight – Caucus
February 5, 2008, 4:08 pm
Filed under: Politics

Yeah, I will be going. I will be taking some business cards and hopefully meeting some nice people in my area that care about the politics of our nation. I am sure that I will. I don’t know what this is going to be like, but I am fairly interested!

I will be caucusing for Mitt Romney tonight. Why? Because I really like his economic politics, I believe that he will do a great job with the War on Terror, he understands conservative beliefs and knows how to go about getting things done.

Do I strongly dislike McCain? Yes, yes I do. But that is not why I am voting for Mitt.

Also, all you Christian Huckvoters out there. You are voting for McCain if you vote for Huck tonight. Just so you know what you are doing. Think about the judges McCain will appoint. Think about the tax relief legislation he will oppose. Think about the amnesty bills that he will fight for. Just think about McCain in those terms before you cast a vote for Huckabee.


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make me gag.
you might as well vote for huck!!

check my blog, “McCain looking to slaughter Romney”.


Let the best man win.

Comment by jami

Is it Huck stealing from Romney or is it Romney stealing from Huck? Really, it seems to me McCain is just beating them both. I don’t know as there is not one of them I like that much.

It is hard to see any of them being strong enough to beat the Democrat candidate and that is sad to me.

In the end, I pray for a wise leader for the country and that the new President will surprise me and actually be good.

Comment by Scot Marion

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