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First BBQ of 2008 – Jamie’s Send Off
February 26, 2008, 6:59 am
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Jamie Frick is a good friend of mine and everyone here at Catalyst. She has decided that God is moving her back out to St. Louis. We are sad to see her go! BUT, we love throwing going away parties! (We actually, just like throwing parties!) So, I felt that the best way to send her off was with my first grilling event of 2008 and of 8757 Roundtree. Oh my gosh. This was a good decision. Tonight was one of the best parties that the Brothers Barge have ever thrown!!!

We started with fantastic food – chicken, chips, Ballpark Beef franks, Papa John’s pizza and of course the world famous Danielle’s Chocolate Dipped Raspberries! We spend a moment praying for Jamie and blessing her! And then we got down to the business of consuming massive amounts of food and engaging in as many hilarious activities and conversations as we know how!

Let’s just say the the party really came together with just the whisper of … “shake-face?” between Seanster and I. Things got out of control! Pics to follow and I will link up more later. This shindig included Shake-Face, Cheese Belly, Predict-A-Card, funny stories, ‘don’t laugh while you press your male belly against another male belly,’ male model poses and a couple of singalong and perfomance pieces by Seanster on his guitar. What a night! It was everything that a cookout at my place should be!!! Thank you Jamie for letting us throw you a party!

If you were not a part of the evening, please do not fret! There will be many, many, many more of these cookouts at my place to come. We are talking once the weather gets nice, multiple a week! It will be an amazing summer and you are completely invited! Here are a bunch of pics and there are more on my Flickr (check the sidebar action!)


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Those look like big raspberries…they aren’t strawberries?

Whats shake face and cheese belly?


Comment by Nathan

shake face is simple and powerful, shake your face as hard as you can and you get a picture that is truly amazing. cheese belly – open up your belly, someone takes a piece of American cheese and slaps you with it – also amazing.

Comment by thehosh

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