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Guys’ Night
March 2, 2008, 11:44 pm
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Last night Brian Morris invited a bunch of boys over for a guys’ night. It was amazing. Someone remarked to me, ‘seems like you have a lot of boys nights.’ I sadly, hung my head and said, ‘all of my nights are boys nights.’ BUT nonetheless this was one for the ages~!

It was my inagural Rock Band encounter. I fell in love with bass guitar and brought the house down at the lead singer of Jet for ‘Do You Wanna Be My Girl?’ I brought the energy.

Then we watched a bunch of guys kick the crap out of each other for 3 hours during UFC 82. It was amazing. It was odd, there was no testosterone testing. (We didn’t strip down and all go at it, like usually happens around me at UFC fights – I miss Beau and Shea.) It was an awesome evening.

The evening concluded with me playing drums for the greatest rock band in the world… shirtless. What a great night!


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Some people never outgrow sock football.

Comment by Mark

what???? what?!?! i have been talking to you about rock band since we bought it while i was on maternity leave. in fact, i have been shamed for telling you how great it is and you have the audacity to fall in love with it not in my presence?!?! i am so angry right now, i am punching my hip. just now, i just punched my hip.

Comment by teresa


Comment by josh

sorry that I angered you mama t, I am very very sorry. I would really like to come and play rock band with you. as soon as possible. frankly, like right now, I wish we were playing rock band.

Comment by thehosh

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