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Catalyst Band Party
March 3, 2008, 5:41 pm
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Haha, yep I was in attendance. You may ask, “Hey Hosh, are you a part of the Catalyst Band?” I will answer a resounding NOPE! But yeah . . . I seem to be a part of a lot of things around here, that I am not really a part of… I like it that way. All of the parties none of the hard work or responsibilities!

It was a GREAT afternoon. Rock Band. Shake Face. Photo Albums. Loft time. It is funny as more and more people are becoming aware of and welcomed into the whole Strikethurman/Mark&Judi world. They are awed and like, ‘did you know how awesome this is!?!?’ And I just smile warmly and say, ‘yep, sure did!’ “This house is awesome! Did you know about this loft!?” I reply, “Yep, spent about 5 hours here on Friday and just about every Friday.” Thanks Mark and Judi for opening your world to all of us!

Pics to follow…


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I was going to come but alas I went with my instincts and stayed on the couch. PEEEEEEEEEEEEEACE!

Comment by Bone


We had a great time too. It’s always great having you come over. Thanks for helping make it a blast! -Judi

PS – You’re pretty good at drums

Comment by

I had fun at the party as well. Although, snuggling jonas on the couch sounds scrumpchrelescent.

Comment by josh

I’m pretty sure that, as THE Hosh, that automatically makes you a member of any band ever, because all bands need a Hosh.

Comment by Sean B.

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