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Monday Morning Chapel – Prayer and Fasting
March 3, 2008, 3:10 pm
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P. Sarah came this morning and shared with our Chapel about prayer and fasting. She shared about how for a long time she did not understand it or see the power or, frankly, point.

Fasting helps you tune in. Different things that fly through the air. All sorts of signals: TV, radio, microwave, cellular, broadband internet, etc. BUT if you do not have a device that is designed to tune in to that signal, you would never know it. We are designed to receive God’s presence. We are tuned to hear God’s voice.

Fasting is powerful. Esther 4:13 Because of her prayer and fasting the entire nation of Israel was saved. Acts 10 Cornelius was fasting and praying when he had a vision to go and tell Paul to tell the Gentile community about the Gospel of Christ. Jonah – the Ninevites fasted and prayed and saved themselves from total destruction. Nehemiah fasted and prayed when he had heard about the walls of Jerusalem. God then gave him direction to go and rebuild the walls. King Darius fasted for Daniel.

Through fasting you have access to divine direction, power and input. Your eyes can be opened. You can see a breakthrough. We need God’s results more than we dislike the physical part of fasting.

She suggested that we find ways to integrate fasting into our lifestyle. Fast weekly. Fast monthly. How can we fast? Do more than skip a meal. Fast AND pray!
Lent. We do not know what that is as Charismatics. However, this is a good time for ORCC to spend some time fasting. Prayer is about talking to God. But prayer is mostly about God talking to you. Take the time to listen.


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man we miss a lot when we don’t miss Jesus..

…which is Jesus’ definition of fasting:

Comment by dave wainscott

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